The cooler air is making its way across the prairies, settling in for the fall and setting the scene for our frigid winter. The best way to survive the cold? A functional furnace. When the furnace isn’t working, it’s no fun for anyone. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, the cold creeps in. Here’s what to do when your furnace goes out.

Do A Quick Inspection

Sometimes, it’s just a small issue and you can hopefully get it working yourself. 

Check the thermostat

  1. Make sure the heat is turned on.
  2. Ensure the batteries are working properly (replace them if they’re not).

Have you had your filter changed recently?
Your furnace filter should be changed regularly to avoid debris buildup and blockage. If you hold your filter up to the light and no light shines through, you need to change it.

Keep your furnace area clean
Keeping your furnace area clean helps prevent dust buildup and flammable items so that you can avoid significant damage, issues, and more. Plus, it just looks better and allows easy access during a furnace emergency.

Check your vents
Make sure no obstructions or furniture are blocking the warm air from coming through your vents.

Make sure it’s not gas
Natural gas has no odour, but a sulfuric scent (kind of like rotten eggs) is added to natural gas to detect leaks. If you smell something like rotten eggs, your first priority is to leave the house to get to safety and call SaskEnergy. 

What to do if your furnace goes out

A quick inspection of these elements may solve the problem without having to call us. If you’ve checked all these and your furnace is still out, you may have a bigger problem. You can call us – our team of experts will inspect and repair any issues, day or night. Most of the time, it’s a small repair but it’s essential during those winter months.

If It’s Still Cold, Call The Experts

First things first – if the issue is beyond the simple fixes above, it’s time to call the experts at Bronco Plumbing & Heating. You don’t want to be left in the cold too long so call us first and we will get there as soon as we can. Here are a few things you can do to keep warm in the meantime.

Stay cozy

    • Get comfy with an extra layer of clothes, blankets, hot cocoa, and a movie. Cuddle with your favourite person (or animal), shut all the doors and relax. This will help keep your body heat with you and not drift into the room’s cool air.

Generate heat

      • Baking is a great way to generate heat. The oven and stove generate lots of heat (plus your house will smell great) and you’ll get to enjoy a delicious homemade treat or meal. Just don’t use the oven solely as a heat source – that can get dangerous.
      • Create ample body heat with a dance party! This is great for parents who need to entertain their little ones. 
      • Space heaters and candles are great ways to generate heat. If you have a space heater, that’s the quickest way to warm up but candles and incandescent lightbulbs are also sufficient heat sources in a pinch.

Maintenance is Key

Fall is the perfect time to ensure your furnace is working properly to avoid costly repairs in the middle of the night. Ensure your furnace is ready to handle our Saskatchewan winters with an annual inspection so when you turn on your furnace for the first time, you’re not standing in the cold.

Contact us for your annual inspection or when you need emergency service!