Experiencing low water pressure? Today we’ll walk you through some common culprits of why your water pressure is low and how how to proceed!

Low Water Pressure Low 

The shower, the kitchen sink, the bathtub…something here is definitely off. After days of uncertainty and careful observation, you’re sure: your water pressure is low. Maybe you first noticed it when you went to take that nice cold shower after a long workout and realized that you weren’t feeling as revitalized and refreshed as usual. The pressure was weirdly low and it totally threw off your post-workout routine. We’ll break down some common reasons why your water pressure may be low and the steps you can take to solve the problem! 

Clogged Pipes 

A common culprit of low water pressure is clogged pipes. Over time minerals, rust, and other remnants can build up on the inner lining of your pipes, in turn making the space for water to pass through become smaller and smaller. As a result, less water is constantly flowing through your pipes at a reduced speed which becomes visibly noticeable to you, the end-user. Give us a call and we’ll ensure that your pipes are free of any debris! 


Old Fixtures 

Your old showerhead or faucet may be the reason that you’re experiencing low water pressure. After years of frequent use, also dependant on the type of material that your fixture is made of, rust and mineral deposits can build up causing a blockage in the flow of water. Turn all of your fixtures on and be cognizant of the flow of water. Is the water pressure low on all of them? Only some of them? And are all of your fixtures the same age? By troubleshooting in this manner, you’ll be able to narrow down if your low pressure is due to the fixture or if it may be another issue altogether. 

If you’re certain that your low water pressure is a result of old fixtures, it’s definitely time to refresh and update them. Give us a call and we’ll come out to install your new fixtures, ensuring that free-flowing water is in your home to stay! 

Using Too Many Water Sources

An often overlooked but relevant reason for low water pressure is the usage of too many water sources at a given time. When you’ve got a load of laundry on, the dishwasher running and someone taking a shower…there’s a good chance someone washing their hands may experience low water pressure. With some communication and coordination, this problem can be easily solved. Depending on the sources used, you may also be experiencing a shortage of hot water. If this is something that you notice happening quite frequently, it may be time to upgrade to a larger water heater. We can help with that too! 

Corroded Pipes

Old pipes made of galvanized steel will eventually corrode over time. Depending on the age of your home and how long the pipes have been there, you may be due for pipe replacement. Once we get out there we can inspect the pipes and the severity of the corrosion. Depending on the severity and location affected, we may only have to replace specific sections of pipes to ensure that your water pressure is restored and water that is flowing through your home is safe for you to use and consume! 

Time For Free Flowing Water

These are just a few of a number of issues that could be occurring as a result of low water pressure in your home. When you call the trusted team at Bronco, we’ll perform a thorough inspection, providing you with a problem resolution and an action plan moving forward! 

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