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The Benefits to Bryant A/C

At Bronco, we understand that A/C is important in the summer, but what’s more important is choosing the right fit for you and your needs. We are an authorized dealer of Bryant Air Conditioners to ensure you get the highest-quality air conditioning unit. Bryant provides many benefits to their customers to ensure they’re receiving the best product. 

  • Bryant has been a trustworthy and reliable company since 1904 to help ensure its customers are getting only the best products. From manufacturing to installation, they ensure you get the highest quality services. 
  • Since 1904, Bryant has been adaptable and innovative so customers know they can always rely on them. They have made being a homeowner less stressful by creating only the best most reliable products. 
  • They provide a wide range of A/Cs to ensure each customer has their needs met. Each unit has its own individual benefits but overall their selection was created to help everyone. Not only do they provide many unit types, but they also have certified dealers who allow customers to have their A/Cs installed with no stress. Each unit is installed correctly the first time when using a Bryant authorized dealer. Lucky for you, that’s us!

Overall any A/C has benefits, but Bryant units are high-quality, reliable, adaptable and innovative.

SEER Rating

When purchasing an air conditioning unit a SEER rating has become increasingly important. But what does that even mean? A SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, refers to how much money and energy an A/C will use in the course of a year. This allows you to compare which unit will be most effective and efficient for your needs. 

In Canada, air conditioners are regulated under the federal government’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. This allows them to determine how efficient a unit but before it is sold. In Canada, we require that the minimum allowable efficiency level is a 13 SEER and anything above a 14.5 to have an Energy Star designation.

Many Bryant A/C units surpass the required amount of a 13 SEER but they still do offer a few units closer to this range. By providing different SEER-rated A/C units, it allows you to select what will be most appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

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No matter what your A/C needs are, Bronco is here to help. We help you select a unit that is best suited for your needs, install it, and offer maintenance checks. For more information on anything HVAC, be sure to contact us today and trust the experts.