Think you can go another year surviving our Sask summers without an air conditioner? Think again! Today we’ll explore the top benefits of having an AC unit, for you and your home! 

Benefits of Having an AC Unit 

After enduring the frigid and cold winter months here in our Queen City, it’s exciting when the weather starts to warm up and those long summer days are upon us! Cue the heat warning. In this climate, we often find the thermostats quickly going from one extreme temperature to the next! Knowing that this is often the case, why not be prepared! 

The top benefits of having an AC unit include: 

  • Cooler, Regulated Temperatures: Okay, this one might seem glaringly obvious, but seriously it’s important! Keeping our bodies at a regulated temperature helps to ensure that we’re not overheating and our bodies aren’t overworking themselves trying to cool us down. Stay calm, cool, and collected with AC. 
  • Sleep Like a Baby: You’re getting ready to hit the hay on the hottest day in July and you think the cracked window will suffice? We hate to break it to you, but in about 40 minutes you’ll be throwing off your covers and tossing back and forth in an uncomfortable sweat. Keep your core body temperature regulated and sleep like a baby knowing that your AC unit is doing all the work. 
  • Improved Air Quality: When all the windows are closed and your AC unit is hard at work, it’s filtering the air and removing any pollutants. This is particularly ideal for those that may experience seasonal allergies or general respiratory issues. 
  • Keep Your Home Insect Free: When you’ve got every window cracked to try and release the trapped heat, insects can easily wreak havoc in your home. From mosquitos to creepy crawlers, if there’s a way to get in, they’ll find it! 

We Trust Bryant 

At Bronco Plumbing, we trust Bryant Air Conditioners to deliver quality, reliability and durability.  Their lineup of air conditioning units provides dependable comfort so you never have to proclaim “It’s too hot in here” ever again! 

With 3 models available, we can help you decide which one best fits your lifestyle and your budget. 

  • Good: Bryant Legacy Series Model #113
  • Better: Bryant Preferred Series Model #123
  • Best: Bryant Preferred Series Model #126

All of the models we carry have are ENERGY STAR®️ High Efficiency, a Single-Stage Compressor, DuraGuard™ Plus protection system and an Environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant. 

The best part? Their Wifi thermostat pairing capabilities make remotely adjusting the settings and temperatures possible. After a long day outside in the heat, you can come home to a cool house. Based on the size and occupancy of your home, we can provide the Bryant air conditioner that’ll work most efficiently and effectively so you can stay cool, all summer long.

Bronco Has Got Your Back

Ready to finally invest in an air conditioner that you can count on? Bronco has got your back. Our team is here and just one phone call away. Call to book your appointment and get ready for an easy breezy summer! 

Looking for a way to stay cool without breaking the bank? We have financing options available! Receive awesome rates and select the term options and payment program that’s right for you. Apply online today or contact us to learn more!