Leaking Water Heater 

We’ve all heard of the horror stories…you walk into the maintenance room to check on your load of laundry and to your surprise, you’re greeted by a mess of water surrounding your water heater. That’s right, it’s leaking! But wait…why? And how do you make it stop? Today we’ll walk you through what to do if your water heater is leaking and a couple of reasons why this may be happening. 

Turn off the Power

Upon discovery, the first thing that you’ll want to do is access the gas control and switch it to “off.” If you have an electric water heater you’ll want to turn off the electricity to it as well.

Determine the Leak Source

If the source of the leak is apparent and the flow rate of the leak is strong, turn off the cold water supply entirely. This valve will be located above the water heater tank. Proceed to clean up the area and call us to have one of our trusted technicians out to further assess the problem and provide a solution. 

If you notice that the leak is happening slowly and seems to appear more contained, keep the water on and see if you can determine the source of the leak. Check all exterior surfaces such as cold and hot water pipes, the top seam, temperature and pressure relief valve, the drip tube, gas control valve (if applicable), drain valve, and the bottom seam. Once you’ve determined the source, turn the valve off and call us. If you’re unsure where to even begin, immediately turn off the water supply and call us. Our team provides emergency services and will be out as quickly as possible to assess the situation. 

Identifying the source of the leak will be pivotal in identifying the underlying cause of the leak. The drain valve, relief valve or pipe connections may need to be replaced. If the leak is coming from the inner tank, it’s an indication that the tank may be rusted. Based on what the technician finds, they will be able to determine if the issue can be resolved through maintenance or if the entire unit needs to be replaced.

Why Your Water Heater is Leaking

We won’t know for certain why your water heater is leaking until we have one of our technicians on site to assess the situation. However, there are a couple of tell tale reasons as to why you’re experiencing a leak. 

  1. Lack of Maintenance: The first reason why your water heater may be leaking is due to lack of routine maintenance or servicing. Routine maintenance helps to ensure that your water heater is in good condition. If left without maintenance for too long, corrosion and sediment build up and can cause your water heater to malfunction, reducing its overall efficiency. It’s a good idea to schedule routine maintenance once a year. 
  1. Pressure Valve: Another scenario in which large amounts of water are leaking could be explained by the pressure relief valve. If the temperature has risen and the pressure inside of the tank has gotten too high, the relief valve will open. Thus, releasing the pressure and water. This water is released to prevent the tank from exploding. As a result, you’ll see the water leaving the tank via the drip tube. 

Replacing Your Water Heater

As previously mentioned, depending on the source and cause of the leak, your water heater unit may just require maintenance or need to be fully replaced. If a full unit replacement is necessary, our team of trusted technicians will assist you in choosing the water heater that best suits you and your family’s needs and lifestyle. 

At Bronco, we trust Bradford White  products when it comes to choosing a durable, efficient, and reliable water heater. Bradford White’s industry leading line up of residential gas, electric, and tankless water heaters embody innovation and efficiency. Their intelligent products and responsible processes are the very reasons why we trust their heaters in the homes of our customers! 

Bronco Has Got Your Back

Whether the leak that you’re experiencing is big or small, know that Bronco has got your back. Our team is just one phone call away and ready to assist you with any questions that you may have! 

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