We explore the best garage unit heaters to keep you warm all winter long.

Stay Warm This Winter

As the sunny summer days become numbered and that crisp, cool fall air begins to creep in you may find yourself wanting to reach for that cozy sweater to stay warm as the temperature continues to drop. When you bid farewell to the use of your A/C for the next 6-8 months, the first thing that will come to mind is how you’re going to keep the spaces that you spend a lot of time in warm. 

Your work office or garage that’s an extended living or working space during those cold winter months is going to get well…cold. Sure, you could throw on 2 pairs of long johns and double up on the sweaters, but we’ve got a better solution! 

This year opt for a residential unit heater to keep you warm so you can save that extra pair of long johns for better use. Perhaps shovelling snow? At Bronco, we have unit heater options that will provide both comfort and ease during the chilly temperatures that are sure to come. 

Reznor Gas-fired Unit Heater

The Reznor V3 Series unit heater is a gas-fired unit that works hard to ensure that your residential or commercial space stays toasty and warm throughout fall, winter and let’s be honest, the better part of spring! The #UDAP model is an 83% efficient single-stage unit with a low-profile design to seamlessly blend into any environment that it occupies. With a 50-60°F rise range and an 82-83% thermal efficiency, it arrives top in its class! 

When you’re chilled and unable to focus, things don’t get accomplished! This can make finishing projects on budget and on time difficult. The Reznor makes completing tasks from the comfort of your workshop a (warm) breeze! 

Reznor V3 Series

Robert Gordon Caribe Infared Heater

The Roberts Gordon Caribe Series Infrared Heater is another great solution for all of your warm air needs. Perfect for residential garages and workshops, this heater hangs horizontally or at a 45° angle to provide an even overhead distribution of warm radiant air and infrared heating. 

With a 24 volt thermostat that’s easily connected, it’ll be ready to provide immediate use! The efficient and quiet design maximizes its output while saving you precious square footage on the ground. Feel the warmth as you enjoy your second living space all winter long. 

Robert Gordon Caribe Infared Heater


Once you’ve chosen which unit heater is best suited for you given your unique commercial or residential needs, it’s time for installation. Our trusted experts at Bronco will schedule a date that works best for you to come out and fit then install your new unit heater. Many customers don’t realize just how big of a difference an efficient and reliable unit heater can have on their spaces until they’re installed and put to good use! 

Call Bronco 

Closing the chapter on summer is always bittersweet but with a new season comes new projects and experiences to look forward to! At Bronco, setting you up for success (and warmth) is important to us! Our team is here and just one phone call away.

Do you still have questions? As always, Bronco has got your back. Contact us to learn more!