Protect Your Home 

At Bronco Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, not only do we provide our customers with industry-leading products and services, but we pride ourselves on offering an HVAC Protection Plan to fit every budget.  

With semi-annual maintenance appointments built into every plan offered, ensure peace of mind and optimal safety knowing that your unit is being taken care of properly. Your home is your haven, and we are committed to helping you avoid any unexpected costly repairs in the future. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can expect a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you work with Bronco Plumbing. We promise to provide: 

  • A professional, uniformed and qualified technician to work on your HVAC. 
  • Extraordinary care in your home.
  • A written quote for repairs before any work is performed. 
  • A quality task list to ensure thorough service. 

NATE Certified

Our technicians are tested and certified through North American Technician Excellence  (NATE). This certification guarantees that our technicians are among the best HVAC installers in the industry. That means that you can put trust in our technicians, knowing that they are capable and qualified to do the job right! 

Protection Plans

At Bronco, we have designed four different protection plans to ensure that your family is comfortable year-round. Whether it’s a balmy summer day or a blistering winter evening, we’ve got you covered. Discover our yearly protections plans and decide which is best suited for your unique needs. Notable highlights of each plan include:


  • This base plan covers the necessities. 
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty on any HVAC repairs made. 
  • A $290 upfront cost for the year.


  • A clear step up with same-day service, no overtime and pre-season scheduling. 
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty on any HVAC repairs made. 
  • $42 monthly or $500 annually.


  • Same day service, no overtime and pre-season scheduling.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection and Cleaning, Evaporator Coil Brush Cleaning.
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty on any HVAC repairs made. 
  • 2-Year Inflation Protection.
  • $56 monthly or $665 annually.


  • Same day service, no overtime and pre-season scheduling.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection, Full Burner Cleaning, Blower Wheel Cleaning, Evaporator Coil Brush Cleaning. 
  • 2-year parts and labour warranty on any HVAC repairs made.
  • 2-Year Inflation Protection.
  • $70 monthly or $835 annually. 

All programs include a semi-annual maintenance visit, a service reminder and a 15-point furnace inspection. 

When you invest in an HVAC Protection Plan, you invest in your home. All maintenance plans are designed following Energy Star Recommendations and National Standards for residential maintenance. 

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

The benefits of regular HVAC maintenance include: 

  • Extended equipment efficiency
  • Healthy clean air
  • Lower utility costs
  • Extends equipment lifespan

Having proper and routine maintenance performed by a qualified technician is crucial in preventing future HVAC problems. 

Get Protection

So, you know that an HVAC Protection Plan is a must for you, but you have not yet decided which plan is the right fit. Our trained technicians can provide you with a recommendation based on your HVAC setup and budget. 

Our team is just one phone call away to answer any questions you may have about your HVAC and which protection plan is the best choice for you. 

Trust the experts at Bronco today!