Checking the batteries in your thermostat is something you may have never done before, but it is important to ensure that your home stays warm. Understand the importance of checking the batteries, knowing if the batteries are dead and when to change them.

Why You Should Check The Batteries 

You may wonder why you even need batteries in your thermostat if they can run on your home’s power. Well, the answer is that batteries help to keep your thermostat running during instances of a power outage of any kind. It is important to keep it running as it will allow your thermostat to keep its setting programmed and keep the HVAC systems running properly. 

Keep in mind that not all thermostats can function properly without batteries, but many new ones with start functions can. The type that can function without, operating off of A/C power and will signal that the batteries are low.

How To Know When The Batteries Are Low Or Dead 

Many new thermostat models are obvious when the batteries are low, as they flash a signal to indicate that it’s time to change the batteries. These warnings typically can last a month or two before the batteries completely die, so be sure to not put it off too long! 

Low battery warnings may look like a flashing light, battery symbol, words spelling out ‘warning’ or a beeping sound. If the screen is completely blank, this is an indication that the thermostat is completely dead and the batteries need to be replaced immediately. 

If you had an older model of a thermostat and are having difficulties knowing when the batteries die the screen will typically begin to dim and you can feel a lack of airflow in your home.

Change The Battery Without Warning  

In some cases, it is worth changing the thermostat battery before you see a warning. It is recommended to do so at the beginning of every new season, so you can avoid any malfunctions. Another important time to change them is before any vacation, so you can prevent any HVAC problems while you’re away. 

Replacing The Batteries 

Replacing the batteries in your thermostat is a simple task that can be done by taking off the casing, removing the old batteries and inserting the new ones. 

If you find this task daunting or difficult, don’t sweat it! Simply call the experts at Bronco for assistance, or have them replaced during your HVAC maintenance checks.

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