During the summer months, it can get relatively hot and cold air is the best way to stay cool. Listed are a few benefits to owning an air conditioner, along with a breakdown of our financing to ensure everyone in the Regina area can afford an A/C. 

An air conditioner may not seem like it could come along with many benefits aside from a cooler home, but it can help keep you safe, prevent overheating, and more! There are many benefits to owning an air conditioner.

Benefits of an A/C

1. Better Air Quality 

When A/C is running, it provides cleaner air by reducing humidity, pollen, mould, mildew, and airborne outdoor allergens. Not only that, but it can also help to minimize indoor allergens and helps to improve air quality. Better air quality is beneficial to everyone, but especially those who suffer from asthma as an air conditioner can help to reduce the number of attacks a person may have. 

2. Fewer Insects  

An A/C can filter out insects and parasites, which is more efficient and effective than a screen covering a window or door. 

3. Lowers Risk of Dehydration and Heat Stroke 

Higher temperatures mean people sweat more and some drink less water, whereas the lower the temperature the less people sweat. An A/C can help you stay cool which temporarily increases your water intake helping to lower the risk of dehydration. Heatstroke is no joke in Canada, as many people get ill or ultimately die from being overexerted. This especially affects those who are 65 years plus or are pregnant. 

4. A Better Night’s (Or Day’s) Sleep 

Trying to sleep or stay asleep when you’re hot makes things uncomfortable and impossible. Your body temperature can make all the difference to help you sleep and an A/C unit can help with that!

5. Improves Performance  

Owning an air conditioner keeps your space cool, which in turn can improve efficiency when performing tasks around the house or at work. The cooler it is, the less likely the day will drag out and become more of an uncomfortable hassle. 

6. A Secure and Less Noisy Home

It may sound a bit silly, but having an A/C means you’re less likely to leave your windows open to cool the space which ultimately reduces the risk of a break-in. Keeping your windows and doors shut will make your home more secure, along with reducing the amount of noise being heard from outside. 

7. A Cooler Space 

Finally, an A/C will provide a cooler space to live in which will help optimize your comfort. As much as this point seems the most obvious, we thought it was important to remind you! 


Purchasing An Air Conditioner

Purchasing an A/C may not be in the cards right now with the cost of living increases, or other financial impacts. To help everyone stay cool this spring and summer, we offer air conditioner financing. Simply fill out the information form, which takes less than five minutes, and that’s it! Shortly after, you’ll be given your financing approval along with attractive rates, term options and payment programs. Never get burned by a large bill, thanks to our financing option. Plus, it includes regularly scheduled maintenance so you can rest easy knowing your machinery is working well and keeping you cool all summer long.

If financing is not something that interests you, we also offer regular installations.

Contact Us 

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